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Tainted BCCI Needs A CSR Agenda Now – Swarajya

Tainted BCCI Needs A CSR Agenda NowSwarajyaA cursory investigation into the history of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) reveals several interesting facts. It was registered in December 1928 under the Tamil Nadu Society Registration Act with six associations affiliated to it. The …and more »

Emergency Supporters: A List That Will Surprise You – Swarajya

SwarajyaEmergency Supporters: A List That Will Surprise YouSwarajyaIf you thought that everybody not associated with Congress opposed the Emergency, think again. Here are six names, from outside the Congress, who shockingly came out in support of it. 1.Vinoba Bhave. That Acharya Vinoba Bhave, who shaped a land …and more »

Standing Up For Modified – Swarajya

SwarajyaStanding Up For ModifiedSwarajyaKshitiz is a Research Professor at Yale University working in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology. He is also a writer, bharatantyam dancer, and the author of the book “The Revenge of Shakuni”. 1 Aug, 2015 28 Comments Ideas CRISPR / GM Crops / GMO / Golden …and more »