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Anesthesiologist Salary

Bashkir Healthcare Workers on Hunger Strike – Onislam.net

Onislam.netBashkir Healthcare Workers on Hunger StrikeOnislam.netBashkir protesters, many of them ambulance workers, accuse puppet authorities of imposing penalties and putting "pressure" on their colleagues who took part in previous protests, Noviye Izvestia reported, citing anesthesiologist Irina Tishina, who …

Anesthesiologist salary

Janek resigns as health commissioner – Houston Chronicle (subscription)

Houston Chronicle (subscription)Janek resigns as health commissionerHouston Chronicle (subscription)"History will show this job has a shelf life," said the 57-year-old Janek, who had been the commissioner for nearly three years, making an annual salary of $260,000. Second-in-command Chris Traylor will take the top post at the Texas Health and Human …and more »