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Benefits of Being a Surgeon

Meet some members of the Kansas Amputee Support System – Hutchinson News

Meet some members of the Kansas Amputee Support SystemHutchinson NewsBack in May 2010 her leg was amputated below the knee after a bypass surgery couldn't unclog an artery in her right leg. Today she is thankful to … Married and the father of two daughters, he said being a double amputee is not who he is. “It's not …and more »

Image from page 488 of "Postoperative treatment; an epitome of the general management of postoperative care and treatment of surgical cases as practised by prominent American and European surgeons" (1907)

Cosmetic eyelid surgery technique effective for migraine relief (Medical News Today)

Dr. Oren Tessler, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine, is part of a team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons who report a high…

Puppy Love: Demand for therapy dogs expanding – The Sentinel

The SentinelPuppy Love: Demand for therapy dogs expandingThe SentinelThe teams have limited access to the Penn State Cancer Institute and no access to the cardiothoracic intensive care unit where patients are recovering from heart surgery. As a coordinator, it … She has worked with therapy dogs for 18 years and has …and more »

The 5 worst things about being a doctor (from a tech perspective)

A surgeon can perform a complex, minimally invasive medical procedure with state-of-the-art robotic technology. But when she needs to communicate with her colleagues, the doctor is stuck with antiquated phone systems and outdated email clients.