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Husband hopes wife is willing to spice up love life – Houston Chronicle

Houston ChronicleHusband hopes wife is willing to spice up love lifeHouston ChronicleMy question to you is, do I have to tell him, now or ever, that I have had breast implants? I did it several years ago, and it greatly improved my self-esteem. I'm glad I did it. Since he has never felt any breasts, if I tell him, my fear is he will …and more »

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TV Star’s Plastic-Surgery Disaster Tests Brazil (timeblogs)

Brazil's most outspoken plastic-surgery advocate was put on life support after a botched operation. She now regrets "that I put that poison in my body, mostly because of having too much vanity."

New procedure lets you transfer fat without any incisions – KTRK-TV

KTRK-TVNew procedure lets you transfer fat without any incisionsKTRK-TVThere's a new cosmetic procedure taking shape that seems too good to be true. Doctors can now take fat from one part of your body and inject it into another. If you can pinch it, they can take the body fat and stick it somewhere else. Houston surgeon …

Which Breast Cancer Patients Need Lymph Nodes Removed? Ultrasound Narrows It Down, Study Finds

Which breast cancer patients need to have underarm lymph nodes removed? Mayo Clinic-led research is narrowing it down. A new study finds that not all women with lymph node-positive breast cancer treated with chemotherapy before surgery need to have all of their underarm nodes taken out. Ultrasound is a useful tool for judging before breast cancer surgery whether chemotherapy eliminated cancer …