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Breast Cancer Removal Options

Experts Discuss Major Advances in Breast Cancer, Make Recommendations – General Surgery News

General Surgery NewsExperts Discuss Major Advances in Breast Cancer, Make RecommendationsGeneral Surgery NewsModerator Steven Chen, MD, MBA, a surgeon and vice president of clinical affairs at Avelas Biosciences, La Jolla, Calif., said, “If there's one message to be heard about breast surgery this year, it is that as breast cancer care gets to be increasingly …and more »

Love Yourself, Protect Yourself...Get Tested!!

Q&A: The Latest on Breast Cancer – WebMD (blog)

WebMD (blog)Q&A: The Latest on Breast CancerWebMD (blog)As you may already know, for someone with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer, estrogen can stimulate the growth of breast tumor cells. Ovarian suppression uses drugs or surgery to stop the ovaries from making estrogen, thus preventing a tumor from …and more »

Even for tiny lumps, more women are choosing double mastectomy

© Jean-Paul Chassenet/MediaforMedical/Getty Images Mammography at Rouen university hospital, France. Nearly 25 years ago, the National Cancer Institute declared that women with early-stage breast cancer could be spared mastectomies.