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Best of The Younger You Season 1 – Good4Utah

Good4UtahBest of The Younger You Season 1Good4UtahCorrective Breast Augmentation – Marlene got an infection when she had her implants taken out and had to have her breasts completely removed to get rid of the infection. Dr. Barson did a natural breast augmentation (transferring fat from her stomach …

AAO – Everyone Deserves Straight Teeth And A Beautiful Smile

Smooth vs. Textured Implants – Good4Utah

Good4UtahSmooth vs. Textured ImplantsGood4UtahThere are a lot of decisions to make when you choose to get breast implants! Dr. Rose joined Good Things Utah on Wednesday to share some of the benefits of textured implants. Lower chance of displacement and a lower chance of capsulary contracture are …

READ IN: Bibi And Boehner Edition

WH, Congress in diplomatic tiff; Jindal super PAC forming; N.Y. Assembly Speaker to be arrested; Obama taps Deese to replace Podesta; SOTU audience lowest in 15 years.