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Cash, assorted cards stolen from worshipers vehicles – The Times and Democrat

Cash, assorted cards stolen from worshipers vehiclesThe Times and DemocratWhen the officer returned to the driver who had been placed in the patrol car, he saw a small, clear plastic bag of cocaine was between the man's feet. The driver was transported to the Orangeburg County Detention Center where he was charged with DUI …

DIY Gift Bow (#3)

What's In My Bag...

How a change in wording increased response rates by 15 percentage points (lightspeedblog?format=xml)

I'm a big fan on focusing on getting the "copy" (the words on the page) right to drive behavior. I've posted in the past about Cialdini's great book, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, and how the principles outlined in it can be used for structured brainstorming to improve copy to drive the results that you want. […]

Creating a home for a new stereo begins at home: The Pecks – OregonLive.com

OregonLive.comCreating a home for a new stereo begins at home: The PecksOregonLive.comThe paper inserts would have looked good in a room that was a little less busy than our family room, and I will definitely try that technique on a future project. But for this cabinet I took the paper out of the panels and just let the beautiful …

Grave concern for landmarked plot

Overgrown with weeds and littered with plastic bags, a small lot in Fresh Meadows shows no sign of its status as a colonial-era landmark. But working under the banner of the Friends of the… To view the full story, click the title link.