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How Much Do You Need To Be In Your State?s 1%? – Daily Beast

Daily BeastHow Much Do You Need To Be In Your State?s 1%?Daily BeastA new report (PDF) from the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank, shows the state of the union as far as income inequality goes, and, well, it's pretty harsh. See below for a state-by-state ranking, from top ….. Referring to “the feminine …and more »

Leaves of Siam Weed, Chromolaena odorata ...Lá của cây cỏ Lào, Yến Bạch, Ba Bớp ....

Surgeons report significant migraine relief from cosmetic eyelid surgery technique (Science Daily)

Plastic and reconstructive surgeons report a high success rate using a method to screen and select patients for a specific surgical migraine treatment technique. More than 90 percent of the patients who underwent this surgery to decompress the nerves that trigger migraines experienced relief and also got a bonus cosmetic eyelid surgery.

156 ASC industry physician leaders to know – Becker's ASC Review

156 ASC industry physician leaders to knowBecker’s ASC ReviewJames Andrews, MD, is a founding member of the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gulf Breeze, Fla. Dr. Andrews is also a founding member of Andrews … An orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician. He performs the majority of his …and more »

Dog plastic surgery, alibis for sale: America's wackiest companies

Here are the craziest companies in America.