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8th ANNUAL Men of Excellence – Insurance News Net

8th ANNUAL Men of ExcellenceInsurance News NetCelebrating these men who have crossed the bridges on the backs of those who have gone before them blazing trails, breaking ceilings and charting new courses means much to the community, which embraces them and supports their endeavors. Art Norman …

Dying To Be Free – Huffington Post

Huffington PostDying To Be FreeHuffington PostHe had gotten a crash course on the tenets of 12-step, the kind of sped-up program that some treatment advocates dismissively refer to as a “30-day wonder. … But multiple knee injuries — and knee surgeries — ended those dreams. …. A 2012 study …and more »

Groundhog Day: Former Major Leaguers select do-over moments

In honor of Groundhog Day — and the legendary film that celebrates the occasion — we asked current former and players to tell us about a moment in their career they wish they could take a mulligan on, or to give us a day they wish they could replay over and over again because it was so memorable.