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Clear Plastic Bags for Shipping

Bug infestation in child's stuffed animal – 13WHAM-TV

13WHAM-TVBug infestation in child's stuffed animal13WHAM-TVShe scooped the toy, wheat and insects into a plastic bag and sealed it. When the Problem Solvers visited her home, some bugs were still alive, crawling on the toy and in the grain. "My first reaction was, this is really gross. And then my second …and more »

Sony RX1, A User Report

TV Star’s Plastic-Surgery Disaster Tests Brazil (timeblogs)

Brazil's most outspoken plastic-surgery advocate was put on life support after a botched operation. She now regrets "that I put that poison in my body, mostly because of having too much vanity."

The strange afterlife of banned TSA items

Forbidden materials ? Including brass knuckles, all manner of blades and even cricket bats ? Go off to a government-surplus store in Pennsylvania, where they?re sometimes reclaimed.