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Common Surgeries

Joint replacement now common – My Eastern Shore

My Eastern ShoreJoint replacement now commonMy Eastern Shore“It is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries in the country,” said Dr. Andrew Cumiskey, who spoke at a public education session organized by HomePorts on April 21. Cumiskey, an orthopedic surgeon, has practiced in Chestertown for eight years, …

Do I Need a Root Canal? : Common Root Canal Procedures

Image from page 235 of "Orthopaedic surgery for students and general practitioners : preliminary considerations and diseases of the spine : 114 original illustrations" (1907)

Routine Surgeries Could Save Millions of Lives, if They Were Available – New York Times

News Every dayRoutine Surgeries Could Save Millions of Lives, if They Were AvailableNew York TimesAs a result, avoidable deaths from car and motorbike crashes, farm accidents and violence are more common than in wealthier nations, and many people die of hernias, infected gall bladders, bleeding under the skull and other conditions that surgeons …5 Billion People Worldwide Have No Access to Surgery, Says A New ReportNews Every daySafe and Affordable Surgery Has Yet to Reach Five Billion PeopleCapital OTCBillions lack surgical care; report calls for changeScope (blog)Healioall 96 news articles »

10 Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures – Focus News

Focus News10 Most Common Cosmetic Surgery ProceduresFocus NewsLiposuction is by far the most common aesthetic surgery procedure performed all over the world. The biggest myth about this procedure is, this being a weight loss technique. Although it does cause weight loss due to the fat removed, it is not a …and more »