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Cosmetic Surgery for Eye Bags

New product reduces bags under eyes a day at a time – WWL

WWLNew product reduces bags under eyes a day at a timeWWLNEW ORLEANS – If you are tired of people telling you that you always look tired because of the bags and wrinkles under your eyes, this story is for you. Many people don't want to spend the time or money on surgery to fix the skin under their eyes, but …

Image from page 442 of "Texas medical journal" (1908)

Prosper buys American Healthcare Lending to expand into financing medical procedures (Biz Journal)

San Francisco-based Prosper Marketplace said Tuesday it purchased American Healthcare Lending for $21 million in cash to expand into the burgeoning business of financing elective medical services. The Salt Lake City company finances a variety of elective procedures often not fully covered by insurance, such as cosmetic dentistry, bariatric surgery, fertility treatments and plastic surgery. American Healthcare Lending has pioneered a cloud-based financing service that cuts costs for providers while…

Jane Fonda Talks Plastic Surgeries, Smoking Pot – International Business Times AU

International Business Times AUJane Fonda Talks Plastic Surgeries, Smoking PotInternational Business Times AUShe had a facelift when she was in her 40s, and another one just five years ago. She also got her breasts and chin done when she was younger. Her eye bags were also treated. Still, even though these surgeries and operations can explain her age-defying …and more »

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon Details Benefits of Eyelid Rejuvenation

Glendale Area Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. A. John Vartanian Performs Blepharoplasty to Correct Sagging Skin and Under Eye Bags in Patients Seeking Facial Rejuvenation.