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Pain of dental fees mounts for Albertans – Calgary Herald

Calgary HeraldPain of dental fees mounts for AlbertansCalgary Herald… As oversupplied with dentists as “more competitive” markets like Toronto and Vancouver with “different fee guides.” Kaluta said the city also has an affluent population that is able and willing to spend money on their mouths, including cosmetic …and more »

Surgeons report significant migraine relief from cosmetic eyelid surgery technique (Science Daily)

Plastic and reconstructive surgeons report a high success rate using a method to screen and select patients for a specific surgical migraine treatment technique. More than 90 percent of the patients who underwent this surgery to decompress the nerves that trigger migraines experienced relief and also got a bonus cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Woman pleads guilty to botched ‘Botox’ buttocks procedures

Marilyn Reid will be sentenced on Feb. 27.