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Instagram Fuels New Wave of Plastic Surgery Requests – KTIC

KTICInstagram Fuels New Wave of Plastic Surgery RequestsKTIC(NEW YORK) — Natalie Portman's nose, Jennifer Garner's defined jaw, Angelina Jolie's luscious lips and Beyonce's flawless skin are some of the most desired celebrity features.But now, instead of bringing photos of steamy stars to the plastic surgeon's …and more »

A Liposuction Transformation – Dr. Ali Adibfar Toronto …

Image from page 216 of "General surgery" (1901)

Post Pregnancy Body and Cosmetic Surgery (lifeinthefastlane)

All mothers have put hard work, heart and soul, and more into their kids. We put our energy into our babies, and we love doing so – it's important not to forget about giving to ourselves. If you are not … Continued.

The "Ideal Female Body" Seems to Change With Every Timezone – Huffington Post Canada

The "Ideal Female Body" Seems to Change With Every TimezoneHuffington Post CanadaDr. Lawrence Tong, a Toronto, Canada-based surgeon also cautions people saying, "I warn that one may risk losing life and limb when trying to have cosmetic surgery 'on the cheap'." As far as I'm concerned, women have the right to do whatever they want …and more »

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Dr. Anne Marie Frackowiak is a dental professional based in Toronto, Ontario who is an expert at applying veneers to teeth. Are your teeth stained yellow ? Do you have chipped teeth? Are there gaps between the teeth at the front of your mouth? Find yourself smiling with your lips pursed together?