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Cost of Nose Job

Are the Savings of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Worth the Risk? – TheStreet.com

TheStreet.comAre the Savings of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Worth the Risk?TheStreet.comFor instance, a rhinoplasty in the United States might cost around $4,500, but in Malaysia would be about $2,083, and in India just $2,000, the report says. Breast implants in the U.S. Often cost upward of $6,000, but can cost $3,300 in Malaysia, $2 …

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) at www.PearsonFaces.com

Hasegawa 1/72 Grumman F-11F-1 Tiger, long nose, Blue Angel #1

Seattle's smart plan to remake its streets – Grist

GristSeattle's smart plan to remake its streetsGristIn the meantime, Kubly and his colleagues are left to make better use of the city's existing tangle of roads while tens of thousands of new jobs and residents rush in. To make matters worse, the funding mechanism that has paid roughly a quarter of the …