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Deaths from Plastic Surgery Statistics

Vatican Condemns Plastic Surgery on Women: 'It's Like a Burqa Made of Flesh' – Christian Post

Christian PostVatican Condemns Plastic Surgery on Women: 'It's Like a Burqa Made of Flesh'Christian PostThe newly released document warns against elective cosmetic surgery saying "plastic surgery that is not medico-therapeutic can be aggressive toward the feminine identity, showing a refusal of the body in as much as it is a refusal of the 'season' that …and more »

Cosmetic surgery 'popularity falls' (BBC)

The popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK has plummeted in 2014, figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons show.

Abortion in Brazil: a matter of life and death – The Guardian

The GuardianAbortion in Brazil: a matter of life and deathThe GuardianElizângela Barbosa, 32, died after a plastic tube was left in her uterus. She had … By October, police in Rio had made 61 arrests as part of the 15-month-long Operation Herod, which investigated an illegal abortion set-up charging up to £1,800 per …and more »

How Radical 70s Scientists Tried to Change the World

In the 1970s, radical scientists thought they could change the world – if they could change science first. As told to Alice Bell. Read more…