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Different Kinds of Plastic Surgery

Beyond Istanbul – Saudi Gazette

Saudi GazetteBeyond IstanbulSaudi GazetteBoth Saudi and Turkish agencies are offering different kinds of attractive travel packages for Saudi families and honeymooners for all seasons of the year. Relying heavily on the Saudi market, the Turkish tourism industry predicts an increase in the …and more »


Farrah Abraham “Thankful To Be Alive” (WebProNews)

Farrah Abraham experienced a severe allergic reaction when she was about to go under the knife for a lip implant recently. The Teen Mom star, and porn actress, pseudo-stripper, and business woman, supposedly did her research before having the procedure …

Joe Cheng Insists He Has Not Had Plastic Surgery – Chinatopix

ChinatopixJoe Cheng Insists He Has Not Had Plastic SurgeryChinatopix"I've put braces onto some of my teeth, so that's why I may look different." He added. Some of the … While some people might believe Joe, some are still unconvinced and believe that he indeed has undergone some kind of plastic surgery. Some even went …

No historians were hurt in the making of this object

The 75th Indian History Congress this month should have been the site of another skirmish in the ongoing culture and memory wars. And the Congress waited with bated breath, convinced there'd be bloodshed.