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Tools for Primary Care Patient Safety: A Narrative Review – Medscape

Tools for Primary Care Patient Safety: A Narrative ReviewMedscapeBackground Patient safety in primary care is a developing field with an embryonic but evolving evidence base. This narrative review aims to identify tools that can be used by family practitioners as part of a patient safety toolkit to improve the …

When unleashed, canine lightning may strike fast – Albany Times Union

Albany Times UnionWhen unleashed, canine lightning may strike fastAlbany Times UnionI pulled my sleeve up to expose the scar on my forearm, but from a distance, she probably couldn't see much — the plastic surgeon at Albany Med did a great job. The fading white lines only convey an iota of the experience, anyway, which included seven …

Fan spends over $175,000, gets 18 cosmetic procedures to look like Madonna

We’ve heard some pretty crazy plastic surgery stories involving people who spend a lot of money to look like their idols and a man named Adam Guerra can be added to that list. Read more.