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Facial Tape for Jowls

Peter Chianca: Our dogs do love us – it's science! – SouthCoastToday.com

Peter Chianca: Our dogs do love us – it's science!SouthCoastToday.comover and over again, possibly while holding their jowls — the pleasure centers of their brains shifted into overdrive. So in other words, their enthused reaction isn't just their way of hoping there's a cookie in their near future; when you walk into …and more »

Wolf Hall and Age Gap Love review by CHRISTOPHER STEVENS – Daily Mail

Daily MailWolf Hall and Age Gap Love review by CHRISTOPHER STEVENSDaily MailIt shows a hunched man with heavy jowls and little, bulging eyes: not just a toad but a psychopathic one. This is the hero at the centre of Hilary Mantel's Tudor novels. Female writers have a tendency to fall in love … But if she could not supply one …and more »

Family Health: Plastic surgery can repair or enhance

When you hear the term “plastic surgery,” you may think of an actor with a new body shape or a gray-haired CEO with a youthful face. If so, you’re not wrong – plastic surgery is often done for aesthetic reasons. But that just touches on one part of the broad scope of this field. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 20 million plastic surgery procedures were done in …