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Genesis Plus GX Cheat Codes

Meerkat update adds Facebook support, 'Mobbing,' and more – PhoneDog

PhoneDogMeerkat update adds Facebook support, 'Mobbing,' and morePhoneDogJust days after taking its Android app out of closed beta and launching it to the public, Meerkat today posted a major update to its livestreaming app. The latest version of Meerkat for iOS allows users to link their account to their Facebook page …and more »

Hyperkin RetroN 5 – PC Magazine

Hyperkin RetroN 5PC MagazineThe system itself is based on Linux, and the different game systems are emulated with source code from VBA-M, Genesis Plus GX, FCEU-Next, and SNES9x-Next. These are open source emulators available for non-commercial license under the GNU …

RetroN 5: 9 game systems in one box (Loot Drop) – Geek

GeekRetroN 5: 9 game systems in one box (Loot Drop)GeekSave stages, screenshots, fast forward, cheats, you can do it all. It's rad. The emulator angle is a little bit iffy, because (and Hyperkin freely states this) the RetroN 5 uses code from the GPL open source emulators SNES9x-Next, VBA-Next, FCEU, and …