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Good Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Dog Day Afternoon: Exoticism, Cuisine, and Culture – Paste Magazine

Paste MagazineDog Day Afternoon: Exoticism, Cuisine, and CulturePaste MagazineOf course, a lot of this development was a glossy façade covering up some ongoing societal issues, like income inequality, a growing non-Korean immigrant population that was heavily discriminated against, absurd levels of plastic surgery, and a …

Image from page 529 of "Medical and surgical therapy" (1918)

Wimbledon Diary: How to get sportswriters to be nice to you – New York Daily News

New York Daily NewsWimbledon Diary: How to get sportswriters to be nice to youNew York Daily NewsA Good Samaritan actually threw a bit of plastic over the top, which surprised Colin to no end. “In the old days, someone would have hurled a dead rat through the … He'll be stealing glances at my vintage TV for the next two weeks. I'm letting all …

JEREMY FLORES: 'IT WAS A NIGHTMARE' – Surfline.com Surf News

Surfline.com Surf NewsJEREMY FLORES: 'IT WAS A NIGHTMARE'Surfline.com Surf NewsThe doctor suggested to get taken care of by a plastic surgeon for my face because he was saying, 'The face, it's pretty serious; if you want to get stitched up you want to have someone really good at it.' So I got a plastic surgeon and he put around …and more »