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How Expensive is Liposuction Surgery

Great Falls Spa Offers an Alternative – Virginia Connection Newspapers

Virginia Connection NewspapersGreat Falls Spa Offers an AlternativeVirginia Connection Newspapers#Until a few years ago, aesthetic medicine usually meant surgical treatments such as liposuction and facelifts. But during the past decade, research brought a deeper understanding of how skin ages, and has led to development of non-surgical approaches …

TV Star’s Plastic-Surgery Disaster Tests Brazil (timeblogs)

Brazil's most outspoken plastic-surgery advocate was put on life support after a botched operation. She now regrets "that I put that poison in my body, mostly because of having too much vanity."

The 5 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK – My Fashion Life

My Fashion LifeThe 5 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UKMy Fashion LifeThe biggest increase in surgical procedures for women last year came in liposuction operations. An impressive 10 percent increase meant it moved into the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries for the first time. Surgical liposuction for women …

Inside the lavish lives of Britain's flashiest families

With millions in the bank and the spending habits to match, Britain's flashiest families aren't shy of flashing the cash. Among them are Robin and Noelie Goforth from Doncaster and WAG Lizzie Cundy.