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Job Opportunities in Plastic Surgery

Local Plastic Surgeon Featured on "The Doctors" – WJHG-TV

WJHG-TVLocal Plastic Surgeon Featured on "The Doctors"WJHG-TVThat's the fun part of my job. Bringing back her self-esteem, her confidence, that happiness back to her face is priceless," said Ceydeli. Dr. Ceydeli was sought out by the show's producers because of his work in the Mac-5 procedure needed for the surgery.and more »

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Richard Agag, M.D. 2010- 2011 Webster Fellow

New technology aids players preparing for combine

The big-screen television hanging on the wall at TEST Football Academy has various colors, numbers and other data flashing across the screen, all vital information for the trainers preparing a group of college players for this week's NFL combine. Science and technology have become a big part of sports in recent years. ''It's remarkable,'' said Kevin Dunn, the CEO and owner. It measures heart …