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Plastic Surgery as a New Year's Resolution – American Health and Beauty (press release)

American Health and Beauty (press release)Plastic Surgery as a New Year's ResolutionAmerican Health and Beauty (press release)New Year's resolutions are becoming increasingly fitness-oriented, and plastic surgery complements many of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The most common resolution is to lose weight, but diet and exercise alone may not always deliver ideal …and more »

Janet's Face Lift Surgery -Short Version- Dr. Delgado-San …


Obesity is rising in India. So are weight-loss surgeries. (Washington Post)

NEW DELHI — These days, real estate developer Pradeep Sawhney ignores junk mail fliers from plus-size stores. Instead, he shows off his slim physique with designer duds, while sporting around New Delhi in a shiny, green BMW. Sawhney, 49, says he shrank his morbidly obese 350-pound frame four years ago after stomach bypass surgery helped him drop almost half his weight. He now has become a self-appointed ambassador for bariatrics in India, as growing numbers of the country’s rapidly expanding urban population embrace stomach bypass and stapling surgeries to lose weight. As incomes have risen, so has obesity among an upwardly mobile middle-class that is experiencing expanding waistlines from wider food choices and is able to afford the procedure, which costs about $5,000.About 18,000 weight-loss surgeries were conducted in India in 2014, up from 800 just five years ago, said Pradeep Chowbey, chief bariatric surgeon at Max Healthcare hospital in New Delhi and former president of the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society of India.The procedure got an unexpected public relations boost recently when Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had the surgery to control his diabetes. He is one of three government ministers to have the operation.“Seeing …

Uma Thurman denies plastic surgery but doctors say otherwise: 'I looked weird!' – Examiner.com

Examiner.comUma Thurman denies plastic surgery but doctors say otherwise: 'I looked weird!'Examiner.comZellweger denied she got plastic surgery, saying she used to look haggard before because of her hectic, stressful lifestyle. Renee, 45, said her dramatically changed appearance was simply due to her being happier and healthier. But plastic surgery …and more »

Cosmetic surgery addict Joey Essex wannabe vows to ''take advantage of flawed NHS''

A Joey Essex wannabe who had a free nose job to look more like his TOWIE idol says the NHS is flawed – but vowed to "take advantage of the system". Sam Barton, 22, has been dubbed Britain’s vainest man, and caused outrage after it was revealed he had received the freebie – while five-year-old cancer victim Kelli Smith was told she couldn’t have her treatment paid for.