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Botched plastic surgery kills teen beauty queen: Liposuction was pageant prize – Examiner.com

Examiner.comBotched plastic surgery kills teen beauty queen: Liposuction was pageant prizeExaminer.comCatherine Cando, a 19-year-old beauty queen, died after a botched liposuction plastic surgery. … "Before having the surgery, she received a lot of calls from the surgeon trying to persuade her to do it, but she kept saying no," Zavela told El …Beauty queen Catherine Cando dies after liposuction she received as first …Daily MailBeauty queen in Ecuador dies after botched liposuction surgery that was part …Fox News LatinoBeauty-Pageant Winner Dies Getting the Liposuction That Was One of Her "Prizes"Allure Magazine (blog)Extra -NEWS.com.au -Express.co.ukall 61 news articles »

Farrah Abraham “Thankful To Be Alive” (WebProNews)

Farrah Abraham experienced a severe allergic reaction when she was about to go under the knife for a lip implant recently. The Teen Mom star, and porn actress, pseudo-stripper, and business woman, supposedly did her research before having the procedure …

Feature: Plastic surgery spreads in conservative Gaza – GlobalPost

Feature: Plastic surgery spreads in conservative GazaGlobalPost14 (Xinhua) — Mona Nagy from the Gaza Strip looked more self-confident, attractive and slimmer than two months ago, due to the liposuction she had undergone. The surgery helped Mona, in her twenties, integrate in the community after suffering years of …

Woman, 20, stops breathing during cosmetic surgery

A woman has been rushed to hospital in Sydney after apparently suffering cardiac arrest during a cosmetic procedure.