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Court house to spike bird feed with birth control to stop out of control pigeons – Daily Mail

Daily MailCourt house to spike bird feed with birth control to stop out of control pigeonsDaily MailLove birds, beware: One Ohio county is planning to spike bird seed with birth control in hopes of keeping pigeons from despoiling the renovated exterior of its 19th-century courthouse. Wayne County is spending millions to renovate a courthouse built in …and more »

Tiger County review by PATRICK MARMION – Daily Mail

Daily MailTiger County review by PATRICK MARMIONDaily MailI've always had a rather good experience of the NHS. Doctors listen, nurses seem proficient and hospitals are pretty clean. My God, you could even operate in them! My father, moreover, is a retired consultant who complained about administrators, but …and more »

Dr. Stafford Broumand Reveals How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon in New York City

"When interested in surgical or non-surgical cosmetic enhancement, ensuring you receive the most ethical care and best results for your unique needs and goals begins with choosing the right physician," …