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Medical Insurance for Cosmetic Surgery

Surf, sand … And surgery? Inside the world of medical tourism – CNN

CNNSurf, sand … And surgery? Inside the world of medical tourismCNNOr maybe you need to take a few sick days for a routine medical procedure, say getting a pacemaker replaced or doing a bit of cosmetic surgery? Why not do both at once? … If your insurance covers most of a procedure, you won't see the savings. But if …and more »

Farrah Abraham “Thankful To Be Alive” (WebProNews)

Farrah Abraham experienced a severe allergic reaction when she was about to go under the knife for a lip implant recently. The Teen Mom star, and porn actress, pseudo-stripper, and business woman, supposedly did her research before having the procedure …

Let the NHS lean more on the private sector – Financial Times

Let the NHS lean more on the private sectorFinancial TimesAmbulances and emergency services are more likely to be state-provided, while more optional care like physiotherapy or plastic surgery are a mixture of both. British voters clearly want healthcare that is largely free at the point of delivery and …and more »

Implants and facelifts for your pet? Inside the pet plastic surgery industry

Plastic surgery for pets may sound ridiculous, but many times it's medically necessary.