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Methods of Removing Skin Cancer

Disruptive technologies expand NMSC tx options – ModernMedicine

Disruptive technologies expand NMSC tx optionsModernMedicineMohs micrographic surgery (Mohs) remains the gold standard for achieving cures when treating non-melanoma skin cancers, but there is a definite role for minimally invasive radiation therapy techniques using high-dose-rate electronic brachytherapy (HDR …

Bladder Cancer

Image from page 267 of "Antiseptic surgery : an address delivered at St. Thomas's Hospital : with the subsequent debate to which are added a short statement of the theory of the antiseptic method, a description of the materials employed in carrying it out

Immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab shrinks tumors in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma – News-Medical.net

Immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab shrinks tumors in patients with Merkel cell carcinomaNews-Medical.netIn a clinical trial of the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab, half of 25 patients with a rare type of virus-linked skin cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma experienced substantial tumor shrinkage lasting nearly three times as long, on average, than with …and more »

Sweep Away Senile Cells – ProHealth

ProHealthSweep Away Senile CellsProHealthA healthy immune system can help remove senescent cells as part of its normal cellular housekeeping. This process is important in cancer prevention.7,16 As bodies age, the immune system itself begins to age via a process known as immune senescence.