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Most Common Outpatient Surgeries

The Brain Tumor Is Benign, but Threats Remain – New York Times (blog)

New York Times (blog)The Brain Tumor Is Benign, but Threats RemainNew York Times (blog)Nonmalignant meningiomas are twice as common in women as in men, though no one is sure why. Studies … I had stereotactic radiosurgery, an outpatient procedure like something out of a sci-fi movie, in which beams of radiation zapped the tumor. When …


Aurora is aggressive and predatory – The Sheboygan Press

The Sheboygan PressAurora is aggressive and predatoryThe Sheboygan PressThe simple fact that a $1 billion health care organization is telling the citizens of Sheboygan that a well-used, possibly most-used, 22-year-old park is the only place suitable to construct their new outpatient surgery center — when they already own …Sheboygan Community Recreation on Field of DreamsWHBL Sheboyganall 5 news articles »

Where There's Smoke … There's Progress – OutpatientSurgery.net

OutpatientSurgery.netWhere There's Smoke … There's ProgressOutpatientSurgery.netelectrosurgery SILENT DANGER Many microorganisms can survive electrosurgery and end up in the lungs of OR staff. There was nothing magic about the way we began to clear the air in our ORs. Yes, there was smoke, and yes, there were mirrors — to get …