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Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Less Rhinoplasty, More Chin Melting: Plastic Surgery Is Weirder Than Ever – Daily Beast

Daily BeastLess Rhinoplasty, More Chin Melting: Plastic Surgery Is Weirder Than EverDaily BeastLast year, the nation's penchant for “minimally invasive” procedures (such as Botox) was closing in on that of its more traditional counterpart, with almost half of the year's plastic surgery spending going on the former. In the most financially …

Image from page 578 of "Plastic surgery; its principles and practice" (1919)

How+popular+was+cosmetic+surgery+in+2014%3F – Netdoctor

NetdoctorHow+popular+was+cosmetic+surgery+in+2014%3FNetdoctorConsultant plastic surgeon and president of Baaps Michael Cadier commented: 'With demand for the most subtle anti-ageing procedures such as eyelid surgery and facelifts holding steady, it's clear that the public of 2014 were after a refreshed or …and more »

Eight of this year's most bizarre plastic surgery trends

This year a new line-up of trends will make you forget all about Renee Zellweger’s face and accept that, despite claims, Jennifer Hawkins will never admit to going under the knife.