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Non Invasive Face Lift Procedures

Pull the other one: Would you get the 'puppet' facelift? – The London Economic

The London EconomicPull the other one: Would you get the 'puppet' facelift?The London EconomicSurgery can seem like an extreme option, but over the counter anti-ageing products rarely some to have the results we want; it's a catch 22. That's where the new puppet facelift comes in. It's completely non-surgical, and performed under local …

Anti-Aging Treatment – Cosmetics and Cosmetic Surgery (skincaretalks?format=xml)

The most popular and quickest anti aging treatment so far is the application of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to repair congenital defects and damage to the body. Due to accidents it has also gained great popularity repairing the results caused by aging. The popularity of this anti-aging treatment has […]

Cosmetic surgery industry is in need of a facelift, not Botox – The Conversation UK

The Conversation UKCosmetic surgery industry is in need of a facelift, not BotoxThe Conversation UKCosmetic surgery is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the medical industry, worth US$2.3 billion in 2010 and forecast to grow to $3.6 billion in 2015. Of this, non-surgical procedures, which include…and more »

The Puppet Facelift Is The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend. But What Actually Is It? And Is It Safe?

Move over Botox, there's a new face primping procedure in town. The 'puppet facelift' is the latest plastic surgery trend to take off among women who want to reverse (or at least halt) the ageing process. The procedure involves pulling small pieces of string through the skin to lift the cheek muscles and lower face. It's proven to be particularly popular with women over 30 years old. The …