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Three Men Transfer Messages From 'Mind to Metal' With the First 'Bionic' Hands – TheBlaze.com

TheBlaze.comThree Men Transfer Messages From 'Mind to Metal' With the First 'Bionic' HandsTheBlaze.comAszmann said in a statement that early therapies for patients in this position were crude and resulted in poor hand function, but the new science allowed doctors to “extract new neural signals via nerve transfers amplified by muscle transplantation …and more »


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Selfies spark surge in plastic surgery – Wink News

Examiner.comSelfies spark surge in plastic surgeryWink News“So many people from all ages, from young to older, are taking selfies and it's made people a lot more self critical and self aware of the way they look,” said Dr. Kiran Gill, a plastic surgeon at The Aesthetic Surgery Center. She said one in three …Instagram filters, selfie craze fuel rapid increase in plastic surgeryExaminer.comall 6 news articles »

The End Of An Era For Boob Jobs? Breast Augmentation Falls In Popularity

Breasts have been big news in recent weeks, with The Sun's Page 3 and debate around breastfeeding in public dominating headlines. While big breasts à la Katie Price may have been popular a decade ago, it seems we're slowly moving away from the idea that big breasts are synonymous with sex and attractiveness. Even the celebrity herself has undergone a breast reduction. Our changing view on this …