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I Had a Butt Lift Consultation: What It's Really Like – StyleCaster

StyleCasterI Had a Butt Lift Consultation: What It's Really LikeStyleCasterThis got me wondering about what could be done to my own not-too-big but not-too-perky pancake-shaped butt if I had a little professional help, so I booked a blind consultation with New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, who happens …

Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas Dr. Frank Stiles (Botox …

Image from page 596 of "The new medical world. A book for reference and consultation, containing a thorough description of disease, with the latest and best methods for its treatment" (1897)

Christina Milian Considers Getting Butt Implants – Latino Post

Latino PostChristina Milian Considers Getting Butt ImplantsLatino PostIn a clip from the reality show, Milian was seen visiting a Beverly Hills surgeon's office to consult about getting bigger buns. She was accompanied by … "I don't know much about plastic surgery," she said, as quoted by Daily Mail. "So I'm here to …

Christina Milian consults surgeon over butt implants

US actress Christina Milian has consulted a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills about getting butt implants.