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Let the NHS lean more on the private sector – Financial Times

Let the NHS lean more on the private sectorFinancial TimesAmbulances and emergency services are more likely to be state-provided, while more optional care like physiotherapy or plastic surgery are a mixture of both. British voters clearly want healthcare that is largely free at the point of delivery and …and more »

Extended Trailer: Jonathan Bailor's SANESolution

Post Pregnancy Body and Cosmetic Surgery (lifeinthefastlane)

All mothers have put hard work, heart and soul, and more into their kids. We put our energy into our babies, and we love doing so – it's important not to forget about giving to ourselves. If you are not … Continued.

The Rise of the Teenage Breast Reduction – The Atlantic

The AtlanticThe Rise of the Teenage Breast ReductionThe AtlanticDespite the insurance difficulties, breast reductions increased by 157 percent between 1997 and 2013, according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Anecdotally, Brian Labow, the director of the Adolescent Breast …and more »

The forgotten history of Bruce Jenner: How the 1970s all-American hero ended up here

The heartthrob of the disco era is the center of attention again, in a way few could have imagined in 1976.