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Treatment with 'fat burner' injection reduces jowls without surgery – Daily Mail

Daily MailTreatment with 'fat burner' injection reduces jowls without surgeryDaily MailHate your double chin? Treatment with 'fat burner' injection reduces jowls without the need for surgery, doctors claim. U.S. Company claims to …. People are considering chin augmentation as a way to restore their youthful look just like a facelift or …and more »

In the O.R. With Dr. Vishal Kapoor, Photo of Mini Facelift Surgery

The 60 minute facelift facial – Daily Mail

Daily MailThe 60 minute facelift facialDaily MailThat is a good age to have the 60-minute facelift as it can then prevent the onset of jowls and deep lines. 'These are the things that worry women the most and it's amazing what a difference tightening the jawline and cheek areas can make. It can …and more »

The Dermatologist Who Gets All The Guys

But when more extreme measures than crème are called for in the quest for the virile jawline, Dr. Frank has developed and trademarked a minimally invasive neck and jaw line procedure called UltraTight (TM) to remove fat from the neck and jowl area while simultaneously and internally tightening the area with ultrasound technology.