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Removing Skin Cancer on Face

Congress stalls as evidence of fracking harm mounts – Bucks County Courier Times

Congress stalls as evidence of fracking harm mountsBucks County Courier TimesAt least 130 fracking chemicals are known “hormone disruptors” that interfere with growth; alter brain development, reasoning and memory; increase breast cancer risk; alter sperm; and limit the ability to fight disease. … Under industry pressure, the …

Sara Radiation

Selfie Craze Causes Surge in Plastic Surgery Procedures (People Magazine )

Studies showed that social media photo sharing has led to an increase in the desire for cosmetic surgery, especially in people under 3

Craig Gross has successful skin cancer treatment – ChristianToday

ChristianTodayCraig Gross has successful skin cancer treatmentChristianTodayCraig Gross, pastor and founder of XXXchurch.com, a resource for people who are fighting porn addiction, blogged about his successful skin cancer treatment. On his blog, he shared a picture of himself showing the bandage from surgery to remove the …

Pensioner who underwent double mastectomy finds she has breast cancer for a 3rd time

Maureen Hanlan, 71, from Christchurch, Dorset, developed a lumpy rash on her chest nine years after having a mastectomy. Doctors say chances of cancer returning after mastectomy are very rare.