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Scar Treatments That Work

The Journey Begins: Part 1-4 – Mint Hill Times

The Journey Begins: Part 1-4Mint Hill TimesThis information frequently can detect where the abnormal cells came from, how aggressive they may be growing, and what therapies may be most effective in treating them. For my liver biopsy I went … Survival of 42 percent. I went to work to improve …and more »

Scar Treatment at home (really works)

Image from page 211 of "The diagnosis and treatment of diseases of women" (1907)

Chester plastic surgeon uses green tea to help heal scars – ChesterChronicle.co.uk

ChesterChronicle.co.ukChester plastic surgeon uses green tea to help heal scarsChesterChronicle.co.ukMr McGeorge, who set up the Plastic Surgery Unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 1993, says the cream works by switching off the body's inflammatory response once a wound is healed, reducing itching and discomfort and limiting scar thickening.

This New Breast Surgery Is On The Rise – Refinery29

This New Breast Surgery Is On The RiseRefinery29When conversation turns to breast surgery, breast augmentation (or the “boob job”) is usually the main topic of discussion — whether it's guiltily participating in tabloid-driven speculation (sorry!), discussing the pros and cons of it with our …