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Razor, laser, or Brazilian wax? – Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa CitizenRazor, laser, or Brazilian wax?Ottawa CitizenFor many, according to Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland at SpaMedica in Toronto, this is the case. “[Laser] hair removal is the number one thing we do,” Mulholland says. “It dwarfs Botox and photofacials.” In fact, North Americans are lasering off a billion …and more »

Fractora Skin Treatment in Toronto Med Spa on City Line …

Cosmetic surgery 'popularity falls' (BBC)

The popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK has plummeted in 2014, figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons show.

New Non-Invasive Hyperhidrosis Treatment at SpaMedica Permanently … – PR Web (press release)

New Non-Invasive Hyperhidrosis Treatment at SpaMedica Permanently …PR Web (press release)Dr. Mulholland, who launched the MiraDry program at his Toronto cosmetic surgery center, SpaMedica, six months ago, has been offering a range of treatments for excessive underarm sweating for 20 years. He explained the nature of the problems with the …and more »

More men going under the knife

Some cosmetic surgeons say they're seeing an increase in men getting cosmetic or plastic surgery.