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Employee or Contractor? Health Care Law Raises Stakes – New York Times

New York TimesEmployee or Contractor? Health Care Law Raises StakesNew York TimesWhat it boils down to is that workers who decide how they perform their duties — executing them on their own schedule, at their own premises, with their own equipment and for clients of their own choosing — are more likely to be judged contractors.

Teufelberger TreeMotion/S.Light Harness – WesSpur Tree …

Image from page 23 of "The early history of instrumental precision in medicine : an address before the second Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons, September 23rd, 1891" (1892)

Dr. Vikas Jain Loses Medical License (lasikfraud)

For the first time, the state Medical Board has punished a laser eye surgeon, stripping a central Ohio doctor of his license. Board member Andrew Robbins says Dr. Vikas Jain of Newark became a "predator," repeatedly mistreating patients. Robbins says Jain's misdeeds included removing a cataract from a woman's blind eye, operating on patients who shouldn't have received LASIK including one who could see just fine, and using his operating equipment on the wrong settings. The state will inform…

Mysteries of the Human Heart – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalMysteries of the Human HeartWall Street JournalHe began wooing a nurse at his hospital who had access to surgical equipment, and he persuaded her to let him thread a urinary catheter into her heart. Contrary to Forssmann's claims, he had never tried the procedure on any cadavers or animals before …

Illawarra still without paediatric surgeon

Many Illawarra children must travel to Sydney for routine surgery after the region's health district lost its paediatric surgeon.