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The Danger of Plastic Surgery

The future of aesthetic surgery – OUPblog (blog)

The future of aesthetic surgeryOUPblog (blog)Plastic surgeons have long been among those who regard “scope of practice” as a significant public safety issue and not, as some have claimed, a “turf battle.” While all surgery has some risk, no patient should subject himself or herself to the …

Image from page 95 of "Plastic surgery; its principles and practice" (1919)

An Israeli's journey to North Korea – Ynetnews

YnetnewsAn Israeli's journey to North KoreaYnetnewsThe identity of the tourists also matters: Chinese visitors (the government's favorite nationality) are given many reprieves and are loosely monitored, while at the other end of the scale are the two most dangerous groups of people: Journalists and …and more »


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