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Even Kim Gordon Doesn't Have It All – The New Republic

The New RepublicEven Kim Gordon Doesn't Have It AllThe New RepublicAt 61, she's still gorgeous and stylish, but she has also not subjected herself to the obvious plastic surgery or fashion mood swings that have made other famous women her age seem dated. Or maybe she has, and she's just better at making it look …and more »

Image from page 197 of "Illustrated Medicine and Surgery" (1888)

Selfie Craze Causes Surge in Plastic Surgery Procedures (People Magazine )

Studies showed that social media photo sharing has led to an increase in the desire for cosmetic surgery, especially in people under 3

Instagram Fuels New Wave of Plastic Surgery Requests – KTIC

KTICInstagram Fuels New Wave of Plastic Surgery RequestsKTIC(NEW YORK) — Natalie Portman's nose, Jennifer Garner's defined jaw, Angelina Jolie's luscious lips and Beyonce's flawless skin are some of the most desired celebrity features.But now, instead of bringing photos of steamy stars to the plastic surgeon's …and more »

Why I breastfed my son until he was 3

I will say this: when things were at their darkest, breastfeeding was the only thing I felt like I was doing right as a mother.