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Complementing cultural perceptions of beauty – ModernMedicine

Complementing cultural perceptions of beautyModernMedicineThe cultural effect on perceived beauty is so powerful that dermatologists have created skin of color academic departments and organizations to address cultural and ethnic influences on skin health and perceived appearance. With this knowledge, they …and more »

Surge in selfies is boosting cosmetic procedures, Cincinnati surgeon says (Biz Journal)

Selfie photos snapped with smartphones and posted on social media are spurring an increase in cosmetic medical procedures, and that's likely to continue in the coming year, according to a Cincinnati plastic surgeon. "This selfie craze will definitely continue to boost the number of cosmetic procedures performed in 2015," said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn, medical director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Norwood. "When our close-up photos are continually posted all over the social media, we…

No strings attached – Calgary Herald

Calgary HeraldNo strings attachedCalgary Herald“Depending on the technology used, a single minimally invasive treatment with a laser such as a CO2 (carbon dioxide) or an Erbium YAG can dramatically smooth and tighten skin,” says Segar. “A series of three to five treatments with light-based devices …and more »