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Toe Issues

Muay Thai Workout: A Punch, a Kick and a Knee to De-Stress – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalMuay Thai Workout: A Punch, a Kick and a Knee to De-StressWall Street JournalPunishing workouts centered around the sharp punches and swift kicks of Muay Thai boxing keep stress levels in check, says Mark Antebi, chief executive of Juice Press, a chain of juice bars. Any issues that crop up at work can seem much worse if he isn …and more »

Stripper Shoe Problems: How to fix spider toe, tightness …

Image from page 185 of "Raleigh Christian Advocate: organ of the North Carolina Conference, M.E. Church, South" (1870)

The Judge (Blu-ray) (DVDVerdict)

# The Charge
Daddy Issues.
# Facts of the Case
Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr, **Iron Man**), is a cocky hotshot attorney who goes back home to Indiana to attend his mother's funeral. While there, his father, a respected judge, is arrested in connection with a hit and run that resulted in the death of one man. Despite the very broken relationship between the two, Hank extends his stay in order to defend his father.
# The Evidence
**The Judge** is the familiar tale of a strained relationship between a stern dad and his rebellious son. But because of a fantastic cast of actors and writing that takes this recognizable theme and gives it a fresh new feel, the result is something that is far more than just a movie about a grown man with daddy issues.
Although the trial of Judge Powell is the focus of all the advertising for the film, things aren't that simple in Carlinville Indiana. Duvall is a respected judge, loved by most everyone in town. To his family however, he is an angry, cold, and demanding father that seems to resent the very air that his children breathe. The inter-personal relationships of …

Bulls run into problems Wizards are all too familiar with – Comcast SportsNet Washington

Comcast SportsNet WashingtonBulls run into problems Wizards are all too familiar withComcast SportsNet Washington5 and appears healthy after a big right toe and stress reaction to his lower right leg. Paul Pierce has returned from a bruised right knee. John Wall is playing through a right ankle sprain. Kevin Seraphin has had ankle soreness and missed time with …and more »

Departure, another injury further thins Stanford’s defensive line

Stanford’s defensive line was already stretched thin because of various issues this spring. After today, that unit is positively waif-like. Defensive end Solomon Thomas did not participate in the spring practice session Saturday because of what was later described as a jammed toe sustained this past week. While Thomas was seen wearing a boot on his…