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Experts Discuss Major Advances in Breast Cancer, Make Recommendations – General Surgery News

General Surgery NewsExperts Discuss Major Advances in Breast Cancer, Make RecommendationsGeneral Surgery NewsAccording to leading breast cancer specialists, surgeons will perform fewer axillary lymph node dissections, provide more genetic testing and counseling, offer selective neoadjuvant hormone therapy and work more closely with specialists from other …and more »

Waking The Warrior Goddess

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Rand Paul's no good very bad week (Daily Kos)

Given that Rs and Ds in DC are united on getting vaxxed, thank you Christie and Rand for uniting the country. Against you.
— @DemFromCT
If you're counting on one of the nutters in the GOP field to win, well, it's not going to be Rand.
Shane Goldmacher:
> Rand Paul opens 2015 with an enviable base of support in Iowa from his father's two presidential bids. But as he tries to broaden his appeal beyond the hardcore liberty activists who lifted Ron Paul to a third place finish in 2012, the senator is encountering an unlikely roadblock: his own campaign team.
> One of Paul's two top Iowa operatives, A.J. Spiker, is so deeply disliked and mistrusted by so much of the Iowa Republican establishment that party activists, officials and strategists say he is damaging Paul's credibility in the state.
> "Toxic," Andy Cable, an Iowa Republican activist for more than thirty years, said of Spiker. "Rand Paul will get little or no exposure in the rural counties around Iowa and most of that will be directly related to having A.J. Spiker as his frontman."
Emma Roller:
> Sen. Rand Paul thinks vaccines are great. But that doesn't mean …

Scripps Hematology and Oncology Conference set for Feb. 14-17

( Scripps Health ) Hundreds of physicians and researchers from leading cancer institutions will gather in San Diego Feb. 14 through Feb. 17 for Scripps Health's 35th annual Clinical Hematology and Oncology Conference. The conference will bring together experts in diverse areas of oncology and hematology to discuss the latest advances in diagnosing and treating blood-based cancers and solid …