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Stepping up to the plate: lessons learned from being a caregiver – Geripal

Stepping up to the plate: lessons learned from being a caregiverGeripalWe always carried copies of the list and brought it to appointments and when checking in the hospital for surgery. It was all different medical records at the ENT-oncologist, Plastic surgeon, cardiologist, primary care and endocrinologists and the list …

Hints From Heloise: Driving etiquette – Washington Post

Hints From Heloise: Driving etiquetteWashington PostYou have voiced a Sound Off that is probably one of the top seven complaints printed in my column. It seems that those … Hint: Put the whole spice bag in a heavy plastic bag, and use the flat side of a hammer to crush the spices. Add this to your …and more »

Paramus Plastic Surgeons Review Benefits, Procedural Experience of Facelift Surgery

Many individuals are interested in restoring a firm, youthful appearance by undergoing facelift surgery, explains Paramus plastic surgeon Luis A. Zapiach, MD; however, they are not always aware of the …