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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

Revealed — the perfect breast shape – TheHealthSite

Revealed — the perfect breast shapeTheHealthSite(Read: TUBA: Advanced breast augmentation surgery for perfect breasts). According to researchers Dr Patrick Mallucci and Dr Olivier Branford, particularly in the US in previous decades, plastic surgeons used implants that were often round due to being …and more »

Breast Augmentation Via the Belly Button – Transumbilical …

Cosmetic surgery 'should be done by specialist surgeons' – BBC News

BBC NewsCosmetic surgery 'should be done by specialist surgeons'BBC News"But it'll stop the general practitioner doing the nose job, it'll stop the dermatologist lifting someone's breasts, it'll stop all that cowboy behaviour which goes on." The College said these were not real-world examples, but theoretical worst-case …and more »

Victims of a craze for cosmetic surgery – BBC News

BBC NewsVictims of a craze for cosmetic surgeryBBC NewsYou can't avoid the adverts. Everywhere you go in Seoul, you are urged to change your shape through plastic surgery. In affluent Gangnam, every wall seems to have a sign pointing to a surgery. On the train and in the street, you're told you can "bring …and more »