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Tumescent Liposuction Recovery

Strident call for stringent control of medical clinics – The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

Strident call for stringent control of medical clinicsThe Sunday Times Sri LankaThe booking fee for the procedure was Rs. 10,000 and the arms liposuction Rs. 80,000. This young woman never went back, but many including politicians, both men and women, and VIPs have been frequent clients of Dr. Gamage, sources said. Several who …and more »

What is a dermatologist? What do dermatologists do? – Medical News Today

Medical News TodayWhat is a dermatologist? What do dermatologists do?Medical News TodayAlthough the condition clears without treatment after a few weeks, treatment is recommended to speed up recovery and to prevent long-lasting pain, numbness and itching after the disease has gone. Shingles can also potentially damage the … Skin can …

OSU Department of Plastic Surgery Welcomes Two New Reconstructive Surgeons

The Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery is pleased to welcome its two newest members: Dr. Roman J. Skoracki and Dr. Ian L. Valerio. As leading surgeons in their respective areas of expertise, …