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Upper Arm Liposuction Before and After

The war on body hair: pubes fight back – The Daily Telegraph

The Daily TelegraphThe war on body hair: pubes fight backThe Daily TelegraphIt started with headlines about growing out and dying your armpit hair being “the most subversive fashion trend of 2015” after Seattle-based stylist Roxie Hunt inadvertently started a trend when she posted a picture of her hair dyed blue and her grown …and more »

Back Liposculpture – Pacific Lipo

Exploring the Benefits of Body Lift Surgery – HealthNewsDigest.com

Exploring the Benefits of Body Lift SurgeryHealthNewsDigest.comBody lift comes under the category of cosmetic surgeries concerned with body contouring, and is divided into two specific areas: upper body lift and lower body lift, each specifically designed to deal with the torso and arms and the legs and buttocks …