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What is Cosmetic Surgery Definition

Plastic surgeon molds new lives in Vietnam – Wilton Bulletin

Wilton BulletinPlastic surgeon molds new lives in VietnamWilton BulletinFor many, the idea of plastic surgery conjures images of the TV series Nip/Tuck and Dr. 90210, where physical perfection is the ever-elusive goal. But plastic surgery is a much deeper field of medicine, defined not by vain aesthetics but by the molding …

With Family Back at the Center of His Life, Kanye Is Finally Calm – Diffuser.fm

Diffuser.fmWith Family Back at the Center of His Life, Kanye Is Finally CalmDiffuser.fmThe day before, Kanye's mother underwent cosmetic surgery under the care of Dr. Jan Adams, the third doctor she consulted after two other surgeons determined she would be at risk for a heart attack and refused to operate. After nearly six hours of …and more »

Politeness is never to be discouraged

In my nephew's home (my son's cousins), the expectation is for their children to use the ma'am/sir terms for every person and for every possible scenario — ad nauseam They are charged a quarter every single time they do not. Miss Manners suspects the cousins are being reared on pretty much the same system you taught your son, with the difference, perhaps, that you do not require him to address …